Tottenville, Staten Island, NY – Quaint!!



Tottenville is the southernmost point of Staten Island, surrounded by water on three sides.  It’s a quiet, quaint  town full of charm!    What makes Tottenville so appealing?  I’d say the beautiful Victorian homes that fill it’s old streets.  Most people who move to Tottenville, stay there!  



Here’s a suggestion.  Next time, instead of taking a trip to New Jersey, spend some time with family and come sightsee Tottenville for the day.  Tottenville’s homes are a tour all on their own, not to mention the Historic Landmarks, one of which I really enjoy going to, The Conference House, which provides many recreational opportunities.  I like to go there for the Annual South Shore Art Show in the summertime, and it’s just as nice for Octoberfest, and Christmas.



While you’re out, you can stop for lunch or dinner.  Tottenville has great restaurants; the popular Angelina’s, and another place I really enjoy, Cucina Di Napoli.  I was there this past Easter.  The food was delicious and the service was impeccable!  

Want to do a little shopping, stop by Cape House Gallery, where you will find wonderful gifts as well as beautiful artwork!  

It’s just as easy commuting to and from Tottenville as it is anywhere else on the island.  The Staten Island Railroad leaves Tottenville every 20 minutes to coordinate with the Staten Island Ferry departures and arrivals.  There are also express buses that go through New Jersey to take you into Manhattan.

Come on down to Tottenville!  You’ll like what you see!

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