Great Kills, Staten Island, NY – “A Great Place to Live”


Welcome to Great Kills!  A great place to live!

The name Great Kills was adopted in 1865 when the area was a fishing community.  The Dutch word “Kills” translates to body of  water or “creeks”.

Great Kills is a neighborhood, or as I like to call it, a town, located in the borough of Staten Island, New York, on the island’s south shore.

If you love the outdoors, Great Kills is the place to be!  There is Great Kills Park, which is part of the Gateway National Recreational Area
where visitors come to run, bike ride, or just walk along the trails.  Many also like to spend time just soaking up the sun on the beach!


If you like dining out like I do, then look no further.  You just can’t drive through Great Kills without stopping  at one of the variety of restaurants here.  The Marina Cafe overlooks the harbor and is a neighborhood favorite.  I personally like Coles Dockside because of it’s relaxed, yet quaint and informal atmosphere, not to mention the food is terrific!


Commuting couldn’t get any more convenient.  Whether you are traveling locally, or want to take a trip into Brooklyn or New York City, you can choose several different means of transportation, whether it be local buses, the Staten Island Railway, express bus service, or the Staten Island Ferry.

Being a resident of Great Kills, I can tell you first hand what a pleasure it is to live here.  Most of the people in this town have lived here for decades.  It’s old world charm and country living with city convenience.  Like I said, a great place to live!

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